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Welcome to the 

Toddler Program!

Classroom Capacity: 

10 Children (18 months - 3 years)

Classroom Ratio: 

5 Children to 1 Adult

Classroom Teaching Team: 

Ms. Amanda & Miss Rachael

In our Toddler program, the daily schedule includes a balance of structured and unstructured time, activities, and rest. The Toddler teaching team strives to work with each child in all developmental areas. The design of the classroom allows children to actively explore their environment through the use of learning centers. These developmental areas include fine and gross muscle control, social/emotional development, cognitive skills (perception, causal and spatial relationships, etc.), and language development. Parents' requests are followed as to potty-training, discouragement of drinking from a bottle, and so on. Toddler aged children have a growing need for autonomy, which is respected, while their needs for nurturing are still generously met. Children nap under the direct supervision of the classroom teaching team, on their own individual cots from 12:30pm – 3pm. If children wake before the others, they will be taken off their sleeping area and be given quiet activities until the others have woken up.

Toddler Program Tuition Rates:

(September 2022 - August 2023)

5 Day Weekly Rate: $307/week

3 Day Weekly Rate: $266/week

2 Day Weekly Rate: $224/week

*All tuition rates include a morning and afternoon snack. Parents are responsible for providing a bagged peanut/nut free lunch with a beverage daily.

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